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Ted Lasso Season 2 Premiere

Situated on top of the Pacific Design Center, Apple TV+ Premiered season 2 of their hit show Ted Lasso. Designed by Bureau Betak, the event took over the entire rooftop of the space with an immersive experience.

ted lasso s2 quote

ted lasso s2 quote

“Ahead of the highly anticipated season two premiere of “Ted Lasso,” which recently made history as the most Emmy Award-nominated freshman comedy series, Apple today celebrated the beloved hit series with a special premiere event at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.”

– ATV+ Press Release

  • ted lasso s2 h2

    ted lasso s2 h2

ted lasso s2 s

ted lasso s2 s

The premiere included a 216’ blue turf cyc step and repeat entry moment and 10’ Lasso Blue soccer ball. The Premiere took place on a custom outdoor soccer pitch, complete with stadium seating, food + beverage and seeding kits. 30’ Stadium lighting lit the pitch for an opening speech and set the stage for the two episode world premiere.  A crane was used to lift trailers, fan-bleachers, and other elements onto the roof. After the premiere, guests were shuttled to an after party at Cecconis. 

Night two was a full FYC event, with academy and special guests getting experience the event and walk the redcarpet. 


*Designed by Bureau Betak

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